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First, thanks so much for your interest in learning more about my Gentle Rain Coaching program. Obviously, I don't know what goals you've set for yourself and your business, or your experience working with a coach. So please allow me to share with you a bit about Gentle Rain coaching and the types of clients I work with. If I what I share is of interest, I have a longer PDF that describes the program in more detail and I’d be happy to send it over to you.


First, you should know that I specialize in working with consultants, advisors and other entrepreneurs who make their living by offering their expertise. Within the ranks of consultants, experts and advisors, I’ve been particularly drawn to the challenges of those who work independently or with small firms. In part, this is because it mirrors the world I’ve lived in since 1992 as the founder and CEO of Gentle Rain Marketing.


As one would assume, most consultants and advisors have a particular expertise that they plan to leverage. However, as my father often points out, “the most important part of chicken soup is the chicken”. It’s great to have an expertise, but if you don’t have anyone who is willing to pay you for your advice, it all becomes a moot point. Regardless of whether you’re just starting out, or have been in business for many years, establishing a marketing system for generating consistent streams of new clients remains one of the top challenges.


I believe the type of marketing system you need largely depends upon the type of vision you have for your company. Modest goals (and I’m not passing judgment) translates into modest marketing (or perhaps none at all). I know a number of consultants and advisors who although they complain about the feast or famine business cycles, have a business model that enables them to ride out the lean times. With extremely low overhead, limited expenses, they can survive and even turn a small profit with revenues under $100,000.

Others (and I would put myself into this category) desire to have as great an impact on the world as we can. Our vision is to influence a large audience, provide new thinking around our expertise, and yes, hopefully become rich and famous (or at least the former) in the process.
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I started offering one-on-one coaching back 5 years ago, and to be totally honest, I modeled the program around what I wanted from a coach. As a result Gentle Rain coaching is somewhat distinctive, and may or may not be appropriate for you.


To start off, I price the program towards the high end. I do this for a couple of reasons. First and foremost I'm really only interested in working personally with people who have great drive and ambition. I know that everyone says they're that way, but I think we both realize that isn't true. I'm not making a value judgment here, from a practical perspective lots of people's primary passion is around their hobbies, their families or other non-business activities. My sister, who I love dearly, falls into this category.


While I'm a great believer in "life-balance", when it comes to my coaching program I really want to work with those who have a burning entrepreneurial drive to grow their business or share their expertise on a large canvas. My wife Marian calls this "writing with a big script". I find that pricing plays a role in attracting those who I most want to work with. A serious investment translates into serious action, which is what gets results .


I've helped clients grow their businesses by $2 million+, I've mentored start-ups to quickly grow to the $200,000+ level, and everything in between. No matter the size stage you want to play on, I can show you how to get there.


As I've hopefully communicated, my coaching is really only designed for the very small percentage of consultants, advisors and experts who want to play the game at extremely high levels. If that's you, I'd love to share with you a PDF that further describes my program. Simply complete the form on this page and I’ll send the information over to you.


Thanks and I look forward to talking with you soon.

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